Course Detail of PHP Web Development

Topics Covered in HTML and CSS
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Html Structure Responsive Website
Html Basics Bootstrap Introduction
Html Tags What is Bootstrap
HTML Comments Bootstrap Example
HTML Tables Bootstrap Jumbotron
HTML Lists Bootstrap Grid
HTML Iframes Bootstrap Button
Layout Design using Div Bootstrap Table
Form's Element Bootstrap Panels
Form's Design Bootstrap Dropdown
CSS Basic Bootstrap Navbar
Inline CSS Bootstrap Modals
Internal CSS Bootstrap Form
External CSS Bootstrap Tabs
Design website Borders
Creating Your First HTML Webpage Creating Your First Bootstrap Webpage
Project Design Under the Guidance of an Expert Project Design Under the Guidance of an Expert
Project Design Independently Responsive Project Design Independently
Topics Covered in Web Development Using PHP
Programming Database Concepts Operations on Database Web Development
Static vs. Dynamic website What is a database? & What is SQL? SELECT Statment Database Connection(Connect application with database)
XAMPP Installation Database Design WHERE Clause with Examples - AND, OR, IN, NOT IN Develop Registration Form
Programming Fundamental What is Normalization? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF & BCNF with Examples INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE Query Login Form Development
Introduction to PHP What is ER(Entity-relationship) Modeling? Sorting : ORDER BY, DESC and ASC Administrator Login
Data Types, Variables and Operators MySQL Data Types Tutorial GROUP BY and HAVING Clause Security Through Session in admin Pages
Assigning Value to variable,Scope of variables CREATE DATABASE Wildcards Tutorial: Like, NOT Like, Escape, ( % ), ( _ ) View Records
Comments // # and /**/ CREATE TABLE Regular Expressions (REGEXP) Update Records
Conditional Statements:-If-else, Nested if-else, switchPRIMARY Key MySQL Functions & Procedures:String, Numeric, Userdefined, Stored Delete Records
PHP Loop: For, ForEach, While, Do While FOREIGN Key Aggregate Functions Tutorial : SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN , COUNT, DISTINCT Client Side Development
Programming Exercise What is NULL value? ALTER, DROP, RENAME, MODIFY Querystring
Arrays Design Database under the guaidance of Expert Mentor LIMIT & OFFSET Image uploading on to server
Indexed arrays Design another Database under the guaidance of Expert Mentor SubQuery View Image on WebForm from Database
Associative arrays Design Database independently JOINS: INNER, OUTER, LEFT, RIGHT, CROSS Bind Dropdownlist from Database
Multidimensional arrays UNION Require v/s Include
Array Functions Required_once V/s Include_once
Execercise in Array Program Project Development under the guidance of Web Developer
PHP Strings Project Development independently
String Functions Hosting web application
Sesion and Cookies
Topics Covered Jquery and AJAX
What is Jquery Insert Data to MYSQL from Web Page Using Jquery Ajax
Jquery Syntax Get Data From MYSQL and Display in Web Page Using Jquery AJax
Variable DeclarationUpdate Data to MYSQL from Web Page Using Jquery AJax
Basic Programming in JqueryDelete Data to MYSQL from Web Page Using Jquery Ajax
If-else in Jquery Login Page Functionality Through Jquery Ajax
Loop in Jquery Admin Panel Development Through Jquery AJax
Array in JqueryProject Development Using JQUERY AJAX
Jquery Selector Client End Development Using JQUERY AJAX
Jquery Events
CSS in Jquery
Jquery append
API Call with JQuery
Topics Covered in Wordpress
WordPress Administration
WordPress Theme
Create Menus
Create Pages
Woo Commerce Integration
Topics Covered in PHP and codeigniter
Object Oriented PHP
PHP Class
An Object
Class members and access specifiers
Codeigniter Introduction
What Is Codeigniter?
Codeigniter Installation
Codeigniter Configuration
Understand Concept Of MVC (Model-View-Controller)
Insert/ Update/ Delete/ Select Data from Database using Codeigniter
Login page
Project Development
Project Analysis
Project Design
Administrator Design
Database Design
Admin Development
Client End Development
Deploy project on server
Interview Preparation and Placement
Topic wise Interview questions and answers
Logically Solutions of Questions
Conduct Interviews in various Company
Resume Preparation